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Avenza announces a special summer MAPublisher offer

Avenza Systems, the producers of MAPublisher cartographic software, have announced a Special Summer MAPublisher Offer. From August 6 to September 3, 2004, anyone who purchases a new or upgraded MAPublisher license (including academic versions and floating licenses) will receive at no extra charge the ‘Avenza Major Cities USA CD’.

Major Cities USA is a set of ready to use, royalty free Adobe Illustrator files for 36 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States and several smaller areas within some of the larger metro regions. There are 44 files in total. All files are derived from US Census Bureau TIGER/Line 2000 data for each particular coverage area. One gets a clean base map, complete with all attribute information, ready to apply one’s own styles and designs in Adobe Illustrator.

The Avenza Major Cities USA Files include all geographic data imported and laid out in Adobe Illustrator in a ready to use presentation. For areas covering multiple counties, like feature types have been combined on single layers. All files are geographically referenced and scaled and include the geographic information necessary to transform or project using MAPublisher and to use with additional data files. All road and water line layers have been pre-joined to facilitate easier labeling, style application, legend creation and searching. All road attribute name columns have been concatenated so that the complete name, including road type (street, avenue etc.) and directional variable, is available to facilitate easier labeling & identification and all layers come complete with an attribute table containing unique information for each map feature.