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Avatech Solutions Proof Positive a quality assurance Software for customers using Autodesk Inventor

Avatech Solutions, a provider of design automation and quality assurance solutions for the manufacturing, building design, civil engineering and GIS market, has introduced Proof Positive – a quality assurance software product designed for customers of Autodesk Inventor mechanical design software. Building on top of Autodesk Inventor’s current capabilities, Proof Positive detects, assesses, corrects, and prevents product development problems caused by inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent modeling practices. The software gives digital designers and manufacturing companies using Autodesk Inventor additional tools to identify problems early in the design process, reducing production cycle times and costly design errors. Proof Positive is an Autodesk Inventor 5 and 6 certified application.

With 70 percent of a product’s total cost embedded before manufacturing and delivery, the greatest impact on product cost (and innovation) is made during the design phase, according to industry analyst Aberdeen Group. On average, 45 percent of engineering change orders are the result of design errors that contribute to increased product development cycle time, rework and higher costs.

A New Level of Quality Control for Autodesk Inventor

Proof Positive is a direct descendant of PrescientQA, which was previously only available for CATIA, Pro/Engineer and Unigraphics systems and now available for Autodesk Inventor software. Now, Autodesk Inventor users can benefit from the same quality assurance software that’s been correcting errors, minimizing engineering change orders and revolutionizing quality assurance processes at several of the world’s largest aircraft and automobile manufacturers for years.

With powerful reporting and quality metrics, Proof Positive provides management teams insight into each design project as well as an overall picture of the engineering process, allowing them to make informed decisions about resources, training and corrective measures. Companies can distribute effective and consistent modeling techniques across the organization, ensuring high-quality designs, which increases customer confidence and improves responsiveness to customer needs.

Key features and benefits of Proof Positive

  • Identifies problems early in the design process, substantially reducing product development cycle time, rework and cost
  • Ensures the re-usability of Autodesk Inventor models by other projects and people
  • Promotes consistency, best practices and continuous learning
  • Incorporates the requirements of downstream users
  • Allows for incoming models from suppliers and contractors to be checked to verify quality