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AutoSens names AEye most exciting start-up in the automotive imaging sector

US: AEye, a leader in artificial perception systems, today announced it has been named Most Exciting Startup by AutoSens, the world’s leading technical summit for ADAS and autonomous vehicle perception technology. The award honors the startup with the most complete package, the genuine intent to create a business, change the world, and be known as a force for change in a single small company of motivated, passionate people.

“We are honored to be recognized as a leader and trailblazer in this space for our disruptive approach to artificial perception,” said Stephen Lambright, AEye’s Vice President of Marketing. “AEye has created a system that puts intelligence at the sensor layer, enabling the sensor to dynamically assess and prioritize what’s most relevant in a scene, then process this data at the edge. This approach mimics the way a human’s visual cortex focuses on and evaluates potential driving hazards, and is fundamental to achieving the rapid, dynamic perception and path planning required for reliable vehicle autonomy.”

AEye’s artificial perception system enables self-driving cars to think like a robot, but perceive like a human – intelligently assessing hazards and responding to changing conditions. It’s based on iDAR™ (Intelligent Detection and Ranging), the company’s breakthrough innovation that uses a distributed architecture and edge processing to dynamically track targets and objects of interest, while always critically assessing general surroundings. Its software-configurable hardware enables vehicle control system software to selectively customize data collection in real-time, while edge processing reduces control loop latency. By combining software extensibility, artificial intelligence and smart, agile sensors, iDAR is able to capture more intelligent information with less data, for optimal performance and safety.

“By designing a perception system that more intelligently acquires and adapts data, AEye is helping autonomous vehicles obtain more accurate, longer range and more intelligent information faster for enhanced safety. The result has been gathering 7-10x more relevant Information with 16x Greater Coverage, using 2-5x less system power,” reported Rob Stead, Awards Director and member of the judging panel at the AutoSens Awards.

AEye’s platform is both adaptable and scalable. It can extract value from orthogonal datasets, and allow other sensors – such as radars, IMUs, ultrasonics, microphones, and various other instruments – to be seamlessly integrated to provide a complete artificial perception system. It’s also engineered for manufacturability: iDAR’s unique MEMS-based design allows for rapid development, customization, and cost-effective manufacturing at scale.