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Automation briskly in demand across sectors amid COVID-19

Even as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced large number of workers to stay inside their home, several companies do not have any choice but to turn on their automation to help their businesses. This means that employees will be able to get their pay at a time when physical cannot be printed or distributed. His will also help in sorting out customers while call centers are closed temporarily.  

According to Bain & Company, the number of firms using automation technologies will increase in a couple of years. The ongoing pandemic may accelerate this timeline.

Michael Heric, a partner with Bain & Company, who is in charge of the  firm’s global Automation Center of Excellence said, “The ongoing crisis forced companies to move their operations remote within a matter of days, underscoring a greater need than ever for automation technology to help maintain business continuity,” said Michael Heric, a partner with Bain & Company, who leads the firm’s global Automation Center of Excellence. “As companies adapt to new routines and prepare for a pending downturn, automation solutions that might have been years away a few months ago, are suddenly right around the corner.”

The report ‘Intelligent Automation: Getting Employees to Embrace the Bots’, has suggested that numerous functions and processes have more potential than others. Sectors that have more potential in automation include IT, Customer service, human resources, finance and accounting, real estate , among others. Other procedures like legal functions, provide more targeted opportunities for automation. The key to reap the benefits of automation is to select the right processes and activities

Firms that lack automation agenda risk running behind in their respective sectors. Successful firms move ahead by addressing execution barriers, while stayin focused on impacts for their employees as well as customers.