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Autodesk updates AutoCAD-based solutions for architects, civil and MEP engineers

San Francisco, USA, 13 February 2007 – At its World Press Day event, Autodesk, Inc. unveiled updates to its comprehensive portfolio of discipline-specific software solutions based on the AutoCAD software platform for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

AutoCAD Architecture 2008 (formerly Autodesk Architectural Desktop), AutoCAD MEP (formerly Autodesk Building Systems) and AutoCAD Civil 3D software applications incorporate new features and functionality to help architects, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and civil engineers improve productivity and increase efficiency. Enhancements in these AutoCAD-based applications also pave the way for architects, designers and engineers to streamline fundamental tasks and redefine traditional design process. The latest application updates are built on the AutoCAD 2008 platform.

-: AutoCAD Architecture 2008
AutoCAD Architecture provides the best AutoCAD-based design and documentation productivity for architects. AutoCAD Architecture 2008 makes it easier for users familiar with AutoCAD to automate tedious drafting tasks so design documentation can be completed more easily and more quickly.

New features and functionality in AutoCAD Architecture 2008 include:
– Automatic scaling of drawing production allows users to simply change the scale of the design, and the annotations including dimensions, tags and leaders are automatically updated.
– Changing building elements and components display (such as a door and its swing) is now as easy as modifying AutoCAD linework.
– New Drawing Compare feature, available through the Autodesk Subscription program, uses color-coded displays to show items on a drawing that have been changed, added or deleted by other members of the design team. Changes to items such as styles, fire ratings or other non-graphical properties also can be tracked.

-: AutoCAD MEP 2008
AutoCAD MEP 2008 is AutoCAD-based software for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers, designers and drafters. AutoCAD MEP 2008 software brings efficiency to AutoCAD-based workflows for greater productivity and accuracy, which also helps minimize coordination errors between architecture and engineering teams.

New features in AutoCAD MEP 2008 include:
– Automation of MEP systems design, layout and documentation, including single line plumbing, electrical layout and piping.
– Part wizard to speed creation of new parts with predefined parametric templates.
– International metric content, for documentation in global projects using international metric measurements.
– Improved display control for construction documentation and display.

-: AutoCAD Civil 3D
Autodesk provides civil engineers, designers, surveyors and drafters with a comprehensive AutoCAD-based package that uses a dynamic model to link design and production drafting for site development, road design and more. This capability enables changes to update across the project, so that all team members work from the same consistent, up-to-date design. AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 is helping civil engineers redefine design by using proven technology to eliminate much of the tedious step-by-step development of plans. At the same time, Civil 3D helps speed execution of design changes and facilitates evaluation of multiple design scenarios.

Key features in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 include:
– Enhanced multiuser environment for work on larger, more complex projects.
– Interactive design capabilities and feature automation for greater productivity, such as automatic generation and updates to roadway plan and profile sheets.
– Increased survey functionality to create base geometry faster and move data from and to the field.
– Interoperability and migration for multiple data formats, including Google Earth mapping functionality and the DWF file specification.

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Product availability will vary by country. Details on purchasing options will be available in the spring at: https://www.autodesk.com/purchaseoptions.