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Autodesk solutions get Topcon 3D scanning integration

US: The latest version of Autodesk solutions — including Autodesk ReCap, ReCap 360 and ReCap 360 Ultimate software — now feature improved workflow compatibility in the GLS-2000 3D laser scanner and ScanMaster software, thanks to Topcon Positioning Group. The GLS-2000 pairs with Topcon ScanMaster software to collect, process, edit and deliver 3D point cloud data from a laser scanner for a variety of applications. Autodesk ReCap allows users to perform tasks such as scan conversion, editing, and viewing point cloud data — and provides integration with Autodesk’s broader portfolio of design software. Autodesk ReCap and ReCap 360 have the new capability to read the Topcon CL3 format as a scan file in addition to a standard point cloud. The scan file allows for the use of individual scan positions for additional options in registration workflows.

Source: Topcon