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Autodesk Location Services launches LocationLogic 3 platform enabling next generation of location-based services

Autodesk Location Services, a division of Autodesk, Inc. announced availability of the third major release of Autodesk®LocationLogic, the leading development platform for location-based services (LBS). LocationLogic 3 introduces new location-based services capabilities that will help wireless operators increase use of messaging services such as SMS (Short Messaging Service), build customer loyalty, and increase revenues. In turn, end-users will benefit from the convenience of receiving customized location-sensitive information that is timely and relevant to their needs while on the move.

The Autodesk LocationLogic 3 release also introduces a new, preferred XML Application Programming Interface (API) for developers. The new API is an optimized method for rapid development and integration of distributed applications on the Web. The use of an XML API offers developers a simple, vendor-neutral, language-independent programming interface for accessing all the major location-enabling services available in the LocationLogic platform.

LocationLogic 3 incorporates new capabilities including subscription and alert services that bring advanced functionality to two existing Autodesk Location Services applications Autodesk Traffic Connect and Autodesk Friend Connect. These core applications are part of the Autodesk®Location Connect suite of market-ready applications. The new capabilities rely on “push” technology that integrates user subscriptions to a particular kind of location-based information with real-time events such as traffic incidents and provides an alert to the user.

The subscription services are delivered through a web portal linked to a wireless operator’s website. An intuitive user interface enables end-users to establish subscriptions to personalized location-sensitive information such as traffic and buddy alerts. Users can customize SMS alerts by time, day-of-the-week, and proximity. This opt-in/opt-out service would for example, push an SMS alert to a wireless device informing the user of a traffic incident along a preferred route during commute hours or within a certain proximity. Likewise, a group of friends gathering on a Friday night could receive alerts when friends are nearby within a defined time period. Further, users can send directions via SMS to each friend from his/her location to a convenient meeting place.