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Autodesk Location Services launches LocationLogic 2

Autodesk Location Services, a division of Autodesk, Inc., today announced availability of the second major release of Autodesk LocationLogic, a development platform for location-based services (LBS). Autodesk Location Services offers wireless operators and enterprises a comprehensive solution for location-based services, including the LocationLogic application development platform, a suite of applications built on LocationLogic, and content integration and management tools. Autodesk Location Services draws on Autodesk’s experience as a leading provider of Geographic Information Systems as well as its global presence and expertise in building world-class developer networks. Autodesk LocationLogic was designed to help carriers react quickly and competitively to market conditions by enabling the rapid development and deployment of location-based applications. LocationLogic accomplishes this task by integrating, managing, and aggregating all information relevant to a user’s location and preferences and making that information useful for real-life applications, such as “Find me the Nearest…” or “Provide the fastest route …”. It boasts an easy-to-use, standards-based application programming interface (API) and can scale to handle large volumes of real-time transactions per second. Of further advantage to carriers is LocationLogic’s ease of integration with existing IT systems.