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Autodesk Location Services announces developer program

Autodesk Location Services, a division of Autodesk, Inc. has announced the launch of a developer program aimed at building new location-aware wireless applications and services on the Autodesk LocationLogic 2 platform. The new program draws upon Autodesk’s expertise in forming global developer networks. Autodesk supports more than 2,600 member companies representing over 10,000 registered developers, who have created more than 4,000 industry-specific applications based on Autodesk products and technology.

The goal of the program is to ally with developer partners that are a strategic fit with Autodesk Location Services solutions for wireless operators. Autodesk Location Services provides developers with a flexible, scalable, and extensible development platform, and access to partners and customers for quick entrance and greater reach in the wireless market. Developers interested in joining the Autodesk Location Services Developer Program may apply at https://locationservices.autodesk.com/partners/developerprogram.cfm.

Benefits for Application Developers
Autodesk LocationLogic was designed to help carriers react quickly and competitively to market conditions by making it possible to rapidly develop and deploy location-based applications. LocationLogic integrates, manages, and aggregates all information relevant to a user’s location and preferences and makes that information useful for real-life uses, such as “Find me the Nearest…” or “Provide the fastest route …”. It provides an easy-to-use, standards-based application programming interface (API) and can scale to handle large volumes of real-time transactions per second. Of further advantage to carriers is LocationLogic’s ease of integration with existing IT systems.

Application developers minimize time to deployment by developing applications with LocationLogic’s Java API, which can be combined with other technologies like XML in standard web application development environments. Autodesk LocationLogic provides an easy interface to core location services (for example, spatial query, geocoding, routing, and mapping) and location determination technology. LocationLogic easily connects to external databases and legacy systems, speeding integration with existing IT and wireless portal infrastructures.