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Autodesk launches Student Engineering and Design Community

California, USA, 5 September 2006: The Student Engineering and Design Community has been launched officially by Autodesk, Inc. Students in the fields of architecture, construction, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering now have free access to the professional tools they need to bring ideas to life.

Beginning on September 5, any student or faculty with a valid education email address is invited to participate in the Community. More than 6,000 students at accredited universities worldwide have already signed up as test users of the site, https://students.autodesk.com/, which delivers free downloads of Autodesk software products for architecture, industrial design, civil engineering and mechanical engineering.

In addition to professional software solutions, the site includes features that allow students to learn, collaborate and communicate with their peers on campuses around the world: Forums; Class Discussions; Learning and Tutorials; Social Networking; Design Library; and Job Postings

“Autodesk’s willingness to allow students to freely download and install Autodesk Revit and other software packages, as well as providing training materials, will advance the education experience for students,” said Dr. Kevin R. Miller, Brigham Young University professor. “This generous offer by Autodesk to students and educators will advance the construction industry from a 2D to a 3D world.”