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Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro unveiled

Washington, USA, 22 August 2006 – Autodesk Inc. announced the availability of a new government geospatial bundle that combines Autodesk’s powerful GIS products with Google Earth Pro; empowering business users to leverage highly technical spatial data via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The bundle is called the Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro, and is available on the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Schedule 70.

“Incorporating Google Earth Pro into our Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution creates a complete workflow for government agencies,” said Dave Rhodes, Vice President of Autodesk Government. “The powerful combination enables professional GIS staff to more easily share complex, precision data with a wide audience of non-technical colleagues and partners that need to leverage that data in a variety of geospatially-enabled business projects.”

The combined package enables both professional and technical users to create, manage, share and visualize an integrated data environment that combines highly accurate and precise geospatial data with the imaging and search capabilities from Google Earth Pro. Using the Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro, government agencies can now make global data accessible to non-engineering users.

The Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro is available exclusively to government agencies through DLT Solutions, Inc., the Autodesk Master Government Reseller.

It includes the following core software applications: Autodesk Map 3D 2007 — Delivers practical mapping functionality to engineers and geospatial professionals for integrating CAD (computer-aided design) and GIS (geographic information system) information. Autodesk Raster Design 2007 — Provides the ability to visualize and manage raster images, including georeferenced image files, aerial photographs, digital elevation models in an integrated environment. Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2007 — Enables technical workgroups to quickly and easily create HTML-based applications that integrate numerous GIS live datasets. One can also use MapGuide to publish all Autodesk, Intergraph and ESRI geospatial content for viewing in Google Earth Pro. Google Earth Pro — Provides maximum ease of use for business users who require access to a blend of spatial data and integrates full-earth datasets with robust, highly detailed datasets from a variety of sources.

Agency technical staff can use Autodesk Map 3D and Raster Design to create, aggregate and edit precision GIS datasets. These datasets can then be accessed via the web by Autodesk MapGuide, which can either publish to HTML or KML via beta plug-in software available for free download at the company’s Autodesk Labs Web site. Non-technical agency personnel, using Google Earth Pro, can then access the precision datasets quickly and easily and leverage them in an easy-to-use, flexible fashion to support their agency business objectives. In addition, Google Earth Pro enables the agency business users to marry the internal agency GIS data with the rich external data in Google Earth Pro.

More information on the Autodesk Government Geospatial Solution with Google Earth Pro can be found at: https://www.autodeskgovernment.com/ .

About Autodesk Government
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