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Autodesk announces updates on InfraWorks and AutoCAD Civil 3D

InfraWorks 2018 makes building bridges easier with tools that are at your fingertips

US: Autodesk has announced to update its latest building information modeling and infrastructure design tools InfraWorks and AutoCAD Civil 3D. In a major press release this week, Autodesk launched the two products with significant upgrades to both software packages.

While AutoCAD Civil 3D has long been a workhorse package for civil engineers focused on detailed drawings for civil projects, the wider vision that InfraWorks can lend to a project is making it easier to assess the costs of a project and how it fits into the real world.

A one of the most powerful things that CAD can offer a company, county or even country — namely, the ability to see the larger scope of a project while also being able to pinpoint exactly how a design will be executed within an easily understood framework.

The upgrades would give these two software much ease to build vivid overviews of building projects, create accurate project cost analysis, make roadway design easier and more.

Autodesk InfraWorks

The new edition of InfraWorks continues to expand the software’s modeling capabilities and upgrades the user’s experience with the product.

The new edition of InfraWorks continues to expand the software’s modeling capabilities and upgrades the user’s experience with the product.

The first major improvement to the package gives designers greater control over bridge construction. Now users can manage Inventor-based bridge components directly from the style palette. This improvement makes it easier to work with parametric components like decks, piers and girders by putting essential bridge components right at the designer’s fingertips.

In addition, performance has also been improved for some measurement tools. While those enhancements will certainly be welcomed by users, maybe the most consequential user experience boost is the option to swap realistic trees for “simplified trees.” With these less graphically intense trees, the load on a workstation’s hardware can be lessened, and scene regeneration, panning and zooming will be smoother.

According to Autodesk, analysis of these design elements allows users to “quantify and monetize the reduction in flooding, avoided gray infrastructure, water and air quality improvement, recreation improvement, reduced carbon emissions and the property value benefits of green infrastructure.” With this type of analysis, civil engineers can optimize the financial, social and environmental costs of a project, which can, in turn, be used to make a compelling case why one design is preferable to another.

AutoCAD Civil 3D

To kick off AutoCAD Civil 3D’s 2018 release, a new InfraWorks ribbon has been added to the tool. From this ribbon, InfraWorks-specific commands can be employed and InfraWorks itself can be fired up from within the Civil 3D package.

Simplified trees in InfraWorks can enhance the package’s performance.

According to Autodesk, “In AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018, when you have corridor tangents intersect at a corner, or the corridor is created at a fixed width, the inner and outer corners of corridors are now cleaned up automatically.” This feature has also been extended to corridors that were created in earlier versions of Civil 3D, so even older projects can utilize the software’s most advanced tools.

Working with alignments has also been updated, and now dynamically linked alignments and profiles can transition “between two intersecting alignments and their profiles.” This tool makes it easier to build exit ramps, curb returns and merging and dividing roads as well as connect a proposed road with the infrastructure that’s already in place.

When it comes to creating drawings, one of the package’s most important functions, Civil 3D has been enriched with new drawing templates that make it possible to layout plan/plan and profile/profile sheets. To round out the major improvements, Civil 3D also has new drawing production tools that make it easier to create “plans-only,” “profiles-only” and “sections” document sets.