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Autodesk adds AutoCAD 2004 to its artillery

AutoCAD 2004, has been the latest product from Autodesk, and perhaps the fastest, easiest AutoCAD release ever. It is packed with new and enhanced features. AutoCAD® 2004 software is the 2D drafting and detailing and 3D design tool recently introduced and used by designers worldwide. It provides native DWG compatibility. One can personalize or program the software or add a third-party application to meet required specific design parameters. Now AutoCAD also integrates new and enhanced productivity tools, presentation graphics, CAD standards, and more for faster, easier data creation and sharing.

From opening and sending files to editing annotations and creating presentation drawings, speed is everything when it comes to everyday tasks. New and enhanced tools that accelerate the work process include,

-Express Tools, including layer management and dimensioning, which reduce the number of steps required to perform a task
-Tool palettes, which can be customized to include only the content you need on a daily basis
-The optimized DWG file format for shorter file open, save, and transmission times
-True color catalogs and presentation graphics for creating high-quality presentation drawings without exporting files

Improved data exchange features include,

-The enhanced multisheet DWF™ (Design Web Format™) file format for securely transmitting drawings over the Internet for team members who need to view and plot, but not edit, drawings. The DWF format is lightweight and yields the same visual fidelity as a native DWG file.
-Digital signatures for validating the origin, authenticity, and unaltered state of your drawings.
-Password protection for determining who can open your drawings.
-AutoCAD® DesignCenter™ and DesignCenter Online for sharing predrawn content with team members.
-The CAD Standards Manager for ensuring that the entire team works from and conforms to the same standards.