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Austria going strong on open data initiative

Vienna, Austria: The City of Vienna in Austria launched the first Open Government Data (OGD) website, https://data.wien.gv.at. However, the Open Commons Region Linz was the first city government that had announced a data portal in Austria even before Vienna. It is scheduled to launch in September 2011.

Meanwhile, with the launch of OGD, Vienna took the role of a pioneer in the area of open data in Austria and hopefully will act as a model for communities, cities, states and the federal government. The preparation of this launch was started about one year ago when (on April 8, 2011) a group of linked open data enthusiasts – representatives of universities, companies and the civil society – invited interested people to the 1st Open Government Data Meetup at the OCG (Austrian Computer Society) in Vienna. For talks there were Rufus Pollock of the Open Knowledge Foundation on site in Vienna as well as Stefano Bertolo of the European Commission was hooked up via Skype.

According to Martin Kaltenböck, CFO, Semantic Web Company Wien and co-founder and member of the executive board of the OGD Austria, the following measures will be implemented in the course of OGD2011:
– OGD2011 Conference on June 16, 2011 in Vienna,
– About 40-50 bilateral talks with representatives of politicians and public administration in Vienna about OGD to raise awareness and clarify misconceptions,
– Networking with international initiatives on the topic of open data as the Open Data Network (Germany), the Open Knowledge Foundation (UK) or the ePSIplattform (just to name a few) to ensure continuous exchange on the topic – as well content-wise as about the process for an Open Government Data strategy – to learn from each other and to support each other,
– Furthermore in July/August 2011 the Open Government Data White Book Austria will be published as a fundamental work on open data in Austria.

Source: Semantic Web Company