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Australia’s spectral info now in the Red Edge

Australia: Several key agricultural districts of Australia are currently being imaged with its advance spectral instruments onboard the five RapidEye satellites currently orbiting the planet. For the first time imagery is available in the Red Edge (690-730 nm). On the other hand, other satellites only provide 10m multispectral imaging capabilities across green, red and near infrared and 20m resolution for short wave infrared.

Evaluation of RapidEye data for a range of environmental, catchment management and agricultural applications is underway by key consultants, academic institutions and government scientists.  “The quick collection of satellite imagery by RapidEye has demonstrated one of the systems advantages. RapidEye can routinely capture large areas in short time frames, providing clients with timely, cost-effective 5m orthoproducts” said Dr Gail Kelly, Business Development Manager of AAM. The company is the distributor in Oceania for satellite data products from RapidEye.

According to Wikipedia, name of RapidEye’s five satellites are TACHYS (Rapid), MATI (Eye), CHOMA (Earth), CHOROS (Space) and TROCHIA (Orbit).

Source: AAM Group