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Australian Telecom gets mapping capability

Australia, 04 April 2007: Telco Industry researcher, Market Clarity has released a new edition of its Australian Telecommunications infrastructure catalogue.

The business intelligence service is a unique resource first launched in October last year. It identifies the location of Australia’s current telecommunications infrastructure in a database that tracks information on the infrastructure holdings deployed and in service from 118 different infrastructure owners.

Market Clarity has developed and expanded its telecom GIS database by enabling the production of detailed telecoms infrastructure maps so that carriers, service providers and government agencies can identify the location, ownership and components of Australia’s telecoms infrastructure.

For example, the database features key details on 4,500 DSLAM locations, up from 4,000 when the service was launched last year. It also includes 700 access fibre service areas covering 1,480 POPs held by 23 owners, HFC network coverage from 5 owners, and 1,770 fixed wireless broadband base stations owned by 66 organizations.

Shara Evans, CEO of Market Clarity said, “The Telecoms Business Intelligence Service allows one to identify telecoms infrastructure by ownership and location captured to State, Statistical Division, Statistical-Sub Division and postcode levels. Infrastructure identification can also be correlated to the presence of competing infrastructure. The telecoms infrastructure database also includes the technology and location of backhaul services, access services, and information about residential, business and population demographics.”