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Australian start-up builds iPhone-powered 3D laser scanner

Australia: Australian start-up Eora 3D has unveiled a new laser scanner, one that won’t won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The affordable new scanner models faster in CAD, digitises physical prototypes, starts new designs from existing objects or surfaces and sends captured physical objects or surfaces to your 3D Printer. The scanner, that is compatible with the new iPhone models, doesn't feature a built-in camera. Instead it projects a green laser beam that sweeps across the object to be scanned. The smartphone controls the laser while photographing the object, capturing several images per second to track the laser and map the contours of the object.

The quest for an inexpensive scanner led Eora 3D co-founders Rahul Koduri​, Richard Boers and Asfand Khan to design a $199 3D laser scanner powered by any model iPhone 5 or 6 – with support for Android and Windows Phone devices on the way. According to Koduri, the new scanner isn’t completely reliant on the turntable so the user can point it at any object. It scans a one-metre square, with a range of one metre, and the great thing is that the software can automatically stitch multiple scans together that helps scan almost anything, one section at a time from any angle, and still end up with a perfect 3D model. The company is a local finalist in the Seedstars World global start-up competition and is set to represent Australia at the finals in Geneva next March.

Source: 3D print & SMH