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Australian port authority uses GIS for better decision making

Australia: The Port Hedland Port Authority (PHPA) has created an intelligent multi-layered mapping platform to enable operators make well-informed decisions critical for the Port’s development, management and planning strategy over the next decade.

PHPA’s multi-layered mapping platform draws on Esri’s ArcGIS technology to visually represent the Port’s core business information – such as the location of existing infrastructure, access routes, unused land and development plans – with other data, such as sites of cultural or environmental significant.

The result is a comprehensive view of the port and its operations, which helps guide decision-making in areas such as responsible land management.

Kevin Reece, GIS Specialist and Esri Australia-WA Business Manager said GIS technology would considerably aid and advance PHPA’s infrastructure development.

“By accessing a geographic view of data, PHPA personnel can quickly visualise what is occurring and what is planned across the Port,” said Reece.

Source: Future Gov