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Australian military selects ‘Human Terrain’ maps

Australia: Australian military selected ‘Human Terrain’ maps for better decision making during overseas operations. This tool is underpinned with Esri Australia’s technology. It displays the human geography of an area using dozens of different categories such as ethnicity, religion and language.

Esri Australia’s manager for Defence, Simon Hill said the technology supports military decisions in peacekeeping, conflict, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. He added, “Human terrain analysis is all about determining the relationship between the characteristics of a human population and that population’s location. It provides a geographic context and a timeline to human behaviour on the ground.”

This helps ground forces figure out who controls local resources such as water or transport routes; how ethnic boundaries are shifting; types of crimes most prevalent in the region; the level of education a population – all of which assists with predicting future behaviour.

According to Hill, the problem in modern defence is there is often too much information available so adding a geographic context helps filter the most relevant from the least relevant. By visually representing layers of information in a geographic context, users can navigate through the maze of seemingly disparate, unrelated data to clearly identify correlations and relationships that exist.

Source: Esri Australia