Australian hyper-local media married to Ushahidi

Australian hyper-local media married to Ushahidi


Australia: A hyper-local media website, called, has been launched in Australia by Angela Clark, former Macquarie Radio Network CEO. The website is based on Ushahidi, an open source platform for mapping and visualising data geo-spatially. According to the Ushahidi website, Everymap is Australia’s first site that has used it.

Ushahidi came to fame when people used it to report and map outbreaks of violence in near-real time in post-election Kenya in 2008.

The BBC used it to map disruptions to the Tube caused by strikes in September, primarily from reports provided by commuters.

Clark, who left Macquarie in March 2009, said “I have been interested in the hyper local space after seeing new media and the power of talk radio.” She has 75 per cent stake in Streetcorner, which she started when she was still at the radio network, which owns the other 25 per cent. is part of, which also comprises a series of hyper-local citizen journalism sites dedicated to different Sydney precincts. allows people to report crime, information about events, local problems such as pot holes or damaged footpaths, and other community issues. It is then mapped, enabling a community to build up a crowd-sourced picture of an issue or event, and where it is taking place.

Source: The Australian