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Australian GIS project gets USD 23 mn boost

Australia: The government of Western Australia is fast-tracking investments in GIS to make state-wide land and resources information more readily available for end-users, businesses and agencies.

An award-winning Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP) is being upgraded with the expanded use of spatial technology. This upgrade will make location-based knowledge easier to access, share and use across the state. The government has allocated USD 23 million (AUD 23 million) for the upgrade.

The SLIP initiative is administered by Perth-based Landgate, a statutory authority that maintains land ownership and survey information, as well as the valuation of land and property interests.

This strategy, being rolled out during 2012-2015, sources spatial technology to deliver more accurate and up-to-date land information. This access further streamlines planning, investment and development activities in Western Australia.

Among the enhancements, a “SLIP Future” initiative builds on the success of this programme over the past five years. This programme, running since 2007, is supported by spatial information management tools to access data using a dedicated web portal.

A first step involves an “infrastructure refresh” that draws on contemporary architecture and design. The goal is to deliver a more robust, functional and scalable platform that meets fast-changing information needs.

The latest upgrade contract has been awarded to NGIS. This firm specialises in location-based technologies for the mining, oil and gas, government, utilities and environment sectors.

Source: Future Gov