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Australian fisheries dept use GIS to monitor lobster industry

Australia: The Department of Fisheries in Western Australia in association with Esri Australia developed a GIS-based tool to asses the resources in the Abrolhos Islands, one of its key stock areas for the region’s AUD 400 million rock lobster industry.

Speaking to Survey Equipment, Brett Harrison, department’s spatial data manager said, “Information fed into the GIS includes fisheries management boundaries, conservation areas, heritage sites, species habitats and breeding grounds, aquaculture leases and tourism locations to name a few.”

“We also have all fishing licence, lease and registration details stored in the GIS, which is linked to locations and information relating to the infrastructure and camps owned by fishermen and aquaculturists, creating a comprehensive central data warehouse. Policy officers and researchers have access to this location-based data and can switch it on and off as needed through a common map view.”

Esri’s Tom Gardner said that the system provided benefits both for the operators and for the users, providing easy avenues for feedback and interaction. He further added, “The GIS technology serves as a valuable tool in balancing Abrolhos heritage, environmental and tourism interests with its commercial fishing and aquaculture industries.”

Source: Survey Equipment