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Australian fans to follow yacht race using a tracking map

Australia: Esri Australia partnered with Easter classic to create a Yacht Tracker map, which will map competitors’ progress at the 2012 QantasLink Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race. Esri Australia Managing Director Brett Bundock said the online map will enable race coordinators to communicate vast amounts of information to a global audience. “Once the race data is translated onto a map, the visual context provides a clearer picture of the race as it unfolds, in a universal language,” explained Bundock.

“Users can not only view information about each yacht and its progress, they can also access analysis on a yacht’s average speed and handicap to get a running account of the expected result.

“Originally, we used GIS technology to support race management – showing organisers where yachts were placed and exposing weather or environmental dangers.

“But as the race has become more popular we‘ve extended the use of the technology to allow fans to experience the exhilaration of the event – with just a simple click of their mouse.”

Bundock further mentioned that Esri Australia drew on the nation’s largest team of GIS and location intelligence experts to produce the sophisticated mapping application behind the Yacht Tracker website.
“We’re very proud to put the weight of that experience and technical knowledge behind this project, to deliver a valuable tool to millions of sailing fans everywhere,” Bundock stated.

Source: Esri Australia