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Australian airport introduces enterprise-wide GIS

Perth, Australia: Perth airport became the first airport in Australia to introduce an enterprise-wide Geographic Information System (GIS), after it signed a landmark partnership with Esri Australia.

The development, which took four years of hard work, has put Westralia Airports Corporation (WAC), the operator of Perth airport, on track to meet a projected growth in passenger numbers from 10.4 million to 18.9 million by 2029. Esri Australia’s WA Business Manager Tom Gardner said the centralised GIS would play a crucial role in WAC’s plans to develop the airport into a major commercial and industrial centre.

“The airport estate covers around 2100 hectares, which includes areas used in the airport’s operation and others set aside for the future development of infrastructure and services,” Gardner said.

“Understanding the properties of any areas slated for development is critical and GIS technology is an essential component of that.”

“Esri Australia’s sophisticated mapping technology has an intuitive interface that allows users to switch on and off layers of information that are relevant to a particular location.”

“Users can see what type of underground cables, services or networks are there; whether there are any environmental or heritage limitations; or, they can assess soil types, topography and many other constraints to development.”

“This helps WAC to better manage competing land uses and streamline development approval processes, which in turn enables smooth and effective planning for future growth.”

While many Australian airports currently use GIS to manage specific tasks, Perth Airport is the first to extend the technology throughout its entire enterprise.

Source: GIS Cafe