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Australia to share mining expertise with Africa

Perth, Australia: Western Australian Federal Minister Gary Gray announced that the Australian Government would help an extra 115 officials from African countries visit Australia next year to learn from Australia’s mining experience. This is in addition to 150 officials from 24 African countries who will visit Australia in 2011 — supported by the Australian aid programme. It includes study tours being delivered in partnership with the Australian mining industry and over 60 Australia Award scholarships focused on mining governance.

The awards cover subject areas selected by African governments as priorities for them and include geospatial information systems, occupational health and safety, regulation and resource management; sustainable management of revenue flows, and managing corporate community relationships.

Gray said, “Australia has more than 100 years of experience in attracting overseas investment to harness our resource potential and promote economic growth. We are committed to sharing this experience with our African friends.”

“Foreign Direct Investment to Africa increased from USD 9 billion in 2000 to USD 62 billion in 2008. Australia is at the forefront of this investment: more than 40 per cent of all Australian overseas mining projects are in Africa. Around 230 Australian companies have more than 650 projects in 43 countries and territories worth USD 20 billion.

Source: www.investinaustralia.com