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Australia to enhance data sharing service

Australia: There are a number of GIS and data sharing projects under way in Australia. These will dovetail into some of the broader government initiatives related to data sharing and citizen-centred services, stated Ewan Perrin, Chief Information Officer, Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), in an interview with CIO.

Perrin revealed that the biggest business projects include a redevelopment of ship registration and safety inspection systems, and we are also ramping up for AMSA’s new role as the single national maritime regulator. This will include a heavy data integration and information architecture component.

About three biggest issues for CIOs, Perrin said that they are mobility, social media, BYO [technology] and everything that is implied in these trends. CIOs are expected to provide for anywhere, anytime, any-device information delivery. People want the ease of consumer style interaction with technology, but the assurance of industrial strength protection that comes from the enterprise.

Source: CIO