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Australia supports Philippine disaster risk management

Manila, Philippines: The Australian government is set to provide P360 million over the next three years to help bolster the capacity of Philippine technical agencies to assess vulnerability to disasters to inform preventive planning and action.

According to Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Rod Smith, his government will commit P260 million to support the country to generate digital information and maps for Metro Manila through a survey using state-of-the-art Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology.

On top of this, Australia will also provide P100 million to partner with the United Nations Development Program to assist the Philippines National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) develop a Metro Manila-wide hazard and vulnerability map using existing and available data within 12 months and building on the Project READY experience.

Smith said this project will help address the immediate need for information on Metro Manila’s risk and vulnerability assessment for all relevant hazards (e.g. typhoons, flooding, earthquakes).

Smith, in a statement, explained that LiDAR information will build more accurate risk profiles of Metro Manila to model the impacts of disasters in terms of human casualties, damage to houses and critical infrastructure; and crop losses.

He said this will enable government and communities to better understand their vulnerability to earthquakes, floods and severe wind so that they can prepare and fund their disaster action plans.

Source: Manila Bulletin