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Australia promotes renewable energy with map tool

Australia, November 7, 2014: Sydney's University of Technology (UTS), the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), energy providers and other stakeholders have launched a new map tool to help developers of renewable energy in Australia better understand the country's electricity market and identify both opportunities and constraints.

The online mapping tool is intended to both promote renewable energy and demand management and avoid excessive investment in new electricity infrastructure.

A graphic from the ISF report Decentralised Energy Costs and Opportunities for Victoria (February 2012).

"These maps have the potential to make a major contribution to the development of the renewable energy and demand markets in Australia, while helping network service providers remove obstacles to a lower-cost future and the development of renewable, distributed energy and other demand management projects," reads a joint press release issued by UTS and ARENA.

They also expect their creation to help lower energy costs for Australians, which are currently very high due to infrastructure over-investment and other factors, as well as support market development and energy efficiency in distributed energy.

UTS and Arena envision a three-year timeframe in which they anticipate bringing in additional stakeholders, such as regulators and policy makers, to help refine the process and the end result.

Source: UTS