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Australia leverages GIS to create national soil database

Australia: To ensure the nation’s soil data could be properly maintained and accessed, the Australian Collaborative Land Evaluation Program (ACLEP) identified the need for a nationally consistent and publically available land and soil information system. ACLEP partnered with Esri Australia to overhaul existing disparate information systems to develop an online portal for national soil data management and delivery.

Using GIS technology to literally map the geographic elements contained within the data, ACLEP developed the Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS) – a publically accessible interactive mapping website.

ASRIS is underpinned by Australia’s first comprehensive nationally consistent soil database which integrates land and soil data from all state and territory databases.

CSIRO Land and Water Project Officer David Jacquier said GIS technology provides the public and agribusiness stakeholders with instant access to essential land and soil information.

Source: FutureGov