Australia launches national map for geospatial data

Australia launches national map for geospatial data


Australia launches new national map for geospatial dataAustralia: The federal government has launched an online map of Australia that allows users to overlay geospatial datasets made available by agencies. The National Map is a joint effort by the Department of Communications, NICTA and Geoscience Australia.

The datasets are sourced from Geoscience Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the government's open data repository. Data that can be overlayed on the map include data broadband quality and availability, sourced from the government's MyBroadband program. Other data includes terrain, vegetation, utilities, infrastructure, water, vegetation, habitation and boundaries

The map project was unveiled ahead of the annual GovHack event, which will be held 11-13 July. GovHack is a hackathon that encourages developers to come up with ways to use government data.

Source: ComputerWorld