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Australia launches geospatial mapping initiative

Australia: The New South Wales government has launched a new geospatial data mapping initiative, aiming to make information stored in its databases easier to access and visualise. The NSW Globe tool uses Google Earth technology to present complex and detailed spatial information in a more accessible and user-friendly way. It combines spatial data with detailed satellite and aerial imagery and is able to display property, local government and electoral boundaries, as well as road and rail networks.

“The new technology could have significant benefits right across the real estate and town planning sectors, making it easier for home buyers and agents to view up-to-date and accurate information. The tool allows users to find out more about their property or local area, and provides access to historical information including aerial photographs of Sydney from the 1940s, as well as flood maps from places like Bourke, Moree and Wagga. One of the best parts of the NSW Globe project is that its uses will continue to grow as we continue to digitally catalogue more spatial information,” said Andrew Constance, State Finance Minister.

Source: Arnnet