Australia develops election map for voters

Australia develops election map for voters


Federal Election Map shows 2010 election results at Sydney

Australia: Australia has developed its first interactive election map. The map is aimed at making thevoters more informed about the upcoming elections. It features real-time coverage of Twitter trends and one-click access to in-depth electorate analysis.

The 2013 Federal Election Map includes information about every federal electorate in Australia. It covers details of employment and education, infrastructure, ancestry, financial positioning and electorate demographics. The map has a ‘5 in Focus’ tool to calculate the five highest and lowest ranked electorates according to a variety of criteria. It offers geolocated Tweets of election-realted topics and hashtags. The map has been developed by technology experts from Esri Australia, Seven News and Yahoo!7.

The demographic data used in the 2013 Federal Election Map has been sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Electoral Commission.

Hometrack data – which reveals detailed information about the Australian property market – was sourced from MapData Services

To view the map, visit:

Source: Esri Australia