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Australia boosting image content search capability

Australia: Department of Defence, Australia, is funding USD 684,000 to researchers at the University of Adelaide, under the Department of Defence’s Capability and Technology Demonstrator Program. The fund aims to build a prototype of an image-content search capability. It will be for better surveillance and reconnaissance. The Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT) will develop the image-search technology.

Looking through a large volume of image data was currently a labour-intensive, manual process. It could currently take Defence personnel months to search a database of satellite imagery for a particular structure or object.

“Once we have reduced the images down to the essential parts, then the second piece of technology is something that can search through these reduced images really quickly,” ACVT deputy director Anthony Dick said. “We would like to be able to search through databases of millions of images and retrieve results in seconds.”

Dr Dick said the capability had many applications for defence, such as surveillance and reconnaissance in a war zone or border protection. “We are developing some technology to actually index and understand the content of the images themselves. So you could give our search engine an image, rather than typing in text, and ask it to look for other images that contain the same object,” said Dr. Dick.

Source: The Australian