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Australia announces tender for GPS infrastructure upgrade

Australia, October 17, 2014: Geoscience Australia has called for tenders to update the receivers and antennae infrastructure used to track satellites in the global navigation satellite system. The tender issued is part of the government’s planned initiative to upgrade Australia's global positioning technology and bring at par with existing global systems.

The infrastructure is expected to densify and improve the GNSS Network in Australia and be capable of observing signals from the range of new GNSS constellations including the Quasi Zenith Satellite System (Japan), BeiDou (China) and Galileo (Europe) as well as GPS and GLONASS.

Australia's national tracking network is made up of 25 core ground based reference stations, including in Antarctica and around 100 stations spread across the mainland and Tasmania. Each of those stations contains a receiver and an antenna which constantly tracks GPS signals transmitted from space. It is that infrastructure which is set to be updated.

Continuous data collected from the sites helps to refine Geoscience Australia's national co-ordinate system and improve the accuracy of GPS technology Australians use on their mobile phones and car navigational devices.

Source: Canberra Times and Tenders.gov.au