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Augusta Systems partners with Rolta

Mumbai, India: Rolta has signed a partnership agreement with Augusta Systems – provider of technologies that power the convergence of devices, systems and networks. Through the partnership, Rolta will be able to incorporate Augusta EdgeFrontier middleware for use in security, defence and other geospatial applications where sensor integration and fusion are essential elements in providing situational awareness.  

EdgeFrontier has been successfully deployed by government organisations with security mandates, such as the United States Department of the Defense and multiple public safety and port management agencies in the US and other North American jurisdictions, as well as security divisions in businesses ranging from Fortune Global 1000 companies to regional utilities.

Identifying real security threats from the flood of information available today is a vital concern.  Rolta’s Maritime and Homeland Security Solutions provide users with a highly configurable, security-based, situation-awareness platform to collaboratively interpret information and make actionable recommendations. By leveraging EdgeFrontier, Rolta will be able to rapidly integrate diverse types of sensors and systems.  

Patrick Esposito, President and Chief Executive Officer of Augusta Systems, said, “EdgeFrontier’s capabilities, coupled with Rolta’s market knowledge and technical solutions are uniquely positioned to help agencies around the world protect critical infrastructure and save human lives.”

“Real-time sensor information management is a major challenge in providing robust situational awareness during both normal operations and crisis periods, when the amount of raw sensor data can become overwhelming. EdgeFrontier enhances Rolta’s capability to rapidly build flexible, configurable systems to intelligently process, integrate, and control sensor networks,” said John Halsema, Rolta Senior Vice President Public Safety and Homeland Security Solutions.

Source: Rolta