“Augmented reality will find its way into the training business”

“Augmented reality will find its way into the training business”


Germany: In the next ten years, 90 per cent of battles will be fought between state and non-state actors. How does simulation industry respond to this fact? How can military integrate cyber security threats into military exercises? And how does one train forces given the complexity of warfare? These were some questions debated by the military, academia and industry from the simulation world, who had all gathered in Germany to be a part of the three-day exhibition and conference, ITEC (which began in the city on May 20, 2014). The event is dedicated to military training, education and simulation.

Experts identified capability, scalability, agility, complexity and uncertainty as five major challenges before the forces. That is, forces should be trained in such a way that they are capable of operating successfully and quickly (agility) in all circumstances. While scalability entails a range of tools available with the military, complexity involves preparations for different and uncertain environment in which the forces operate. Even as military want industry to deliver on these lines, they also made it clear that they do not have huge funds at their disposal for the same at the moment. As Maj Gen Richard Longo, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Europe and Commander, US Army NATO, stated, “Simulation has to be done. We don’t have a choice,” adding, “There are also advantages of simulation. It helps us save money.”

Experts also debated about a range of issues – from innovative learning technologies to cyber security; from emergency services to medical training, from virtual reality to virtual augmented reality. “Augmented reality will find its way into the training business. That is the future – virtual combined with augmented reality,” saidJean-Paul Dichter, Manager System Development, e.sigma Systems.

Organised by Clarion Defence & Security Ltd., the theme of this year's conference is, From Engagement to Preparedness: Implications for Military Simulsation, Training and Education. Exhibitors from 16 countries are displaying their products at the event.

Source: Our Correspondent