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Attendance doubled at Laser-Scan’s 15th user and partner conference

Laser-Scan’s sell out user and partner conference was hailed a success by all that attended. Delegates flew in from around the globe to participate in the conference and its proceedings. End user customers, industry experts, partner organisations and Laser-Scan staff participated in presentations, demonstrations, workshops and an industry panel discussion. The data quality theme underpinning the conference built on last year’s theme of interoperability, i.e. interoperability is extremely important for sharing data, but there is no point sharing data if it is inaccurate.

The conference was officially opened by Ian Stewart, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire County Council. Laser-Scan’s CEO, Mike Sanderson followed up with a welcome address and an overview of the year that followed last year’s Management Buy Out. He also explained the reasons behind the acquisitions of (the utility delivery business at) Ewan Optimal Solutions and Sysdeco. Jean Poulit, President of EUROGI provided the conference keynote presentation on the opening day and Dr Andrew Larner, National Advisor, Local Government Information House (LGIH), Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) provided the keynote address for Day 2. The panel discussion on Spatial Data Quality Management, chaired by David Sonnen of IDC created great discussion amongst delegates. The panel consisted of the following members: Jean Poulit (EUROGI president), Colin Bray (OS Ireland), Geoff Zeiss (Autodesk), David Holmes (Intergraph), and Paul Watson (Laser-Scan).

Two important announcements were made at the conference backing up the feeling of energy and commitment from all of Laser-Scan’s partners and customers and this was the announcement that IME would officially be reselling Radius Topology in Scotland and that Forestry Tasmania had purchased Radius Topology. As a result of the Conference further new reseller agreements will be announced in the coming weeks. Next year’s conference will take place slightly earlier from June 29th until July 1st 2005.