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Atmel’s and u-blox’ GPS Solution ANTARIS has been selected by Wavecom

Atmel Corporation and u-blox announced that Wavecom SA has chosen the GPS solution ANTARIS from Atmel and u-blox for its WISMOT Quik Q2501 hardware platform for wireless automotive applications, to provide accurate global positioning information. The WISMO Quik Q2501 combines a dualband GSM/GPRS class 10 with a GPS 16 channels receiver in a single fully integrated module (58 x 32 x 6 mm). It meets the needs of the automotive industry for a wide range of applications, such as navigation, vehicle tracking, fleet management and security solutions.

ANTARIS includes Atmel’s innovative GPS chipset consisting of RF receiver IC ATR0600, the LNA ATR0610 and the baseband IC ATR0620. With its 16-channel architecture and 8192 time/frequency search taps, the chip set enables ultra-fast time-to-first-fix figures, higher sensitivity and faster position tracking. The power consumption is 100 mW at 1 position fix per second, allowing extended operating time. The GPS software offers various navigational platforms, to enable system makers to optimize the navigation performance and receiver sensitivity for specific applications.

Wavecom already has a long history of working with leading automotive equipment manufacturers. Wavecom’s technology solutions are also used to provide wireless connectivity for a wide range of applications for professional use in the transportation sector, including alarms, fleet management, logistics management and tracking systems.