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Atlas breaks world record

Sydney, Australia: Sydney-based publisher Millennium House has developed the world’s largest atlas- Platinum Edition breaking a 350 year-old Guinness World record.

Esri Australia’s ArcGIS technology was used to piece together the Earth: Platinum Edition atlas Atlas.

The atlas stands at a staggering six feet tall, weighs in at 150 kilograms, requires two people to turn every one of its 128 pages and is available to eager explorers for a mere US$100,000.

Around 90 cartographers from around the globe spent more than four years creating the giant book.

The atlas includes orthographic maps of each continent – which show political and physical features – the earth’s oceans and poles, as well as regional maps and a double spread of the world’s flags.

The book’s largest feature is a collection of more than 30 photographs spanning the world’s most unique vistas.
Only 31 copies of the atlas exist due to the difficult publishing process which involves printing the pages in Italy before they are sent to Hong Kong to be bound.

Source: esriaustralia.com