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Atlantis Data System? selects GDT transportation data

Geographic Data Technology, Inc., a developer of map databases, announced that Atlantis Data Systems has selected GDT’s street and address database to fuel ADS’s fleet tracking and management solutions. ADS has incorporated GDT’s Dynamap /Transportation database into its Internet-based tracking and fleet management service for the vessel and long-haul trucking industries. The ADS service allows fleet operators to enhance overall logistics, increase security, and improve service quality through cost-effective, state-of-the-art management and monitoring tools that provide access to location, status and activity overviews. The ADS tools also allow for the transmission of messages to and from mobile units. Compiled from a vast network of sources, the Dynamap/Transportation map data provides comprehensive street and address coverage, highly accurate one-way and restricted turn information, accurate representation of limited access highways, preferred routing names, and exit point layers to offer superb performance within the ADS fleet management system.