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Astro Pi: Mission Space Lab teams receive their experiment data straight from the ISS

France: ESA, in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, is delighted to announce that 116 school student teams have received the data collected from their exciting space experiments on board the International Space Station (ISS).

With the help of Astro Pi Ed and Izzy, the teams from 18 ESA Member and Associate Member States made use of a range of interesting sensors and cameras to investigate life in space and life on Earth. Astro Pi Ed helped investigate how astronauts can affect the environmental conditions within the ISS, as well as map the magnetic field of Earth.  eanwhile, Izzy used her near-infrared camera to study Earth: investigating vegetation growth, weather patterns, and the impact humans have on our planet were just a few of the things she helped the selected teams explore.

Next step: send ESA your experiment report…

However, the selected teams still have some work to do. The teams will now analyse their data and produce a scientific report detailing their findings. Teams have until 11 June to submit their scientific report to ESA. From the submitted entries, ESA and the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s appointed experts will select the ten best reports as the final winners of Mission Space Lab.

The ten Mission Space Lab winners will have the chance to participate in an exciting online webinar with ESA astronaut Tim Peake. The webinar will take place on 22 June at 10:00 CET.