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Astrium wins satellite image processing contract from ESA

UK: Astrium Services’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Infoterra Ltd, has secured a further three year contract from the Farnborough Multi-Mission Processing and Archiving Facility (UK-MM-PAF) on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA). Worth 7.5 million euros, the contract will see Infoterra continuing to deliver an operational service that will support the download and processing of images from both the ERS and ENVISAT satellite space missions.

ERS and ENVISAT together have provided data which underpins the latest Earth observation (EO) research, providing images which support operational applications, as well as scientific understanding of climate change. Infoterra currently stores over eight millions images.

Nick Veck, Director of Space Services for Infoterra, said, “This new contract builds upon Infoterra’s 20 years’ proven expertise in delivering an operational service to the ESA for both the ERS and ENVISAT missions.”

The contract also includes Infoterra taking responsibility for the download and processing of images from the upcoming Swarm mission. With the launch scheduled for mid 2011, the Swarm mission will survey the Earth’s geomagnetic field, extending our knowledge of both the Earth’s interior and its effects on our climate.

Infoterra will support the first phase of the Swarm mission, which will include the installation, integration, validation and testing of the ground based infrastructure. The second phase will see Infoterra take responsibility for the archiving, processing, reprocessing and dissemination of the Swarm datasets to the EO community.

Source: Infoterra