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Astrium signs distribution partnership with GAF

Germany: Astrium Services’ GEO-Information experts have signed up GAF AG, one of Europe’s leading providers of earth observation and geo-information solutions, as a channel partner for their satellite data and value-added products in Germany.

Users in Germany can consequently resort to an additional source for accessing Astrium’s substantial portfolio of optical and radar satellite data, as well as derived value-added products.

“With the brand new optical satellites – a remarkable three satellite launches in just over one year – and the complementary radar satellites, Astrium’s data portfolio is not only highly attractive for our customers, it is also an important source of input data for the customised products and solutions we offer”, said Peter Volk, Managing Director of GAF AG.

With privileged access to a unique satellite fleet comprising the TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X radar satellites, the SPOT 5 and 6 optical satellite family and the very-high-resolution Pléiades constellation, Astrium and its partners can offer daily coverage worldwide as well as weather-independent acquisitions, at a variety of resolutions. Based on this data, a substantial portfolio of geo-information products and services as well as customised solutions is available to customers around the globe.

“GAF has been a reseller for our SPOT satellite data and services for many years, and we are happy to extend this successful relationship which now covers all of our data sources and value-added products,” said Rob Postma, Head of Sales in Europe for GEO-Information Services. He further said that “as one of the leading players in our industry with an excellent network, we are convinced that GAF is the perfect partner to help efficiently deliver our recently enriched portfolio to the geo user community.”

The contract enables GAF to sell Astrium’s complete data and value-added services portfolio to users throughout Germany. With this agreement, GAF AG is part of Astrium’s global geo-information services Channel Partner Network.

Source: Astrium