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Astrium launches Go Monitor service for surveillance

Germany: Astrium Services’ GEO-Information team launched Go Monitor services. It is based-on satellite imagery, standard and advanced image analysis, processing and interpretation. The company claimed that the new service provides high-quality change information for any area of interest worldwide on a reliable and cost-effective basis.

In addition, Go Monitor provides a daily revisit option. It is independent of weather conditions. It also helps in monitoring activities effectively, understanding the environment in which they operate and taking well-informed decisions.

The service helps oil and gas organisations to monitor exploration, production and facilities for the benefit of health, safety and environmental responsibility. It also helps defence and intelligence bodies in observing infrastructure for effective targeting and identifying relevant assets.

Go Monitor provides high-quality change information based on standard image analysis and advanced image interpretation by application-specific experts. The monitoring results are delivered as comprehensive and ready-to-use reports highlighting relevant changes in the area of interest and including the satellite imagery as well as the processing, interpretation and analysis by the expert.

Go Monitor relies on Astrium GEO-Information Services’ unique access to a multi-resolution, multi-sensor Earth observation satellite constellation containing both optical and radar satellites – recently enhanced by the new Pléiades very-high-resolution optical satellite, and with three additional satellites scheduled to be launched within the next two years.

Source: Astrium