Astrium is now part of Airbus Defence and Space

Astrium is now part of Airbus Defence and Space


Early this year, the EADS group was renamed to “Airbus Group”. Bringing all its activities under one strong brand, the Airbus Group also renames two of their three Divisions. In the future, the Group will include:

Airbus, with a focus on commercial airplanes activities
– Airbus Defence and Space, integrating defense and space activities of the Group previously of Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military
– Airbus Helicopters, including all commercial and military helicopter activities.

During this evolution, the GEO-Information division of Astrium Services becomes the line of “Geo-Intelligence” program, part of the working line “Communication, Intelligence & Security” of Airbus Defence and Space. This new brand will have no impact on the way this company sector works, either in its legal structure, or at points of customer contacts inside the organization.

In addition, the Airbus Group is introducing procedures for changing the legal form of their holding until 2015. Once renamed, the Airbus Group NV will become an European company, Airbus Group SE (Societas Europea) that will continue to be registered in the Netherlands. “We are the pioneers in European industrial integration. It is a logical step and it is time to our multinational culture becomes reflected in our legal framework,” said Tom Enders, Airbus Group CEO. This legal conversion has no impact on the organization or operations of the Group.

Both the change of the legal name to Airbus Group NV as the conversion of legal form into an SE is subject to approval by the AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Shareholders: while adopting the new name is expected at the AGM in May 2014, the legal conversion is expected to be changed in May 2015.

Source: Astrium