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Assetino asset management platform scoops top European award

Czech Republic: The cloud-based Assetino asset management suite has been ranked in the top ten asset management solutions in Europe.

Assetino includes easy to use tools for collecting, recording, interrogating and analysing detailed information about the location, type and condition of virtually any asset. Offering a geospatial approach to asset management Assetino provides users with real-time visibility and intelligence for a range of applications including cemetery management, waste and recycling and water and sewage. Assetino is already supporting informed decision making and improved service delivery by thousands of users within public sector organizations across Central and Eastern Europe.

The CIO Applications Top Ten Asset Management Solutions Provider 2019 was awarded to T-MAPY, the company behind Assetino, in recognition of the platform’s innovation, configurability and scalability that form part of the open source solution’s DNA.

“Assetino is by no means the new kid on the block in fact we have more than 27 years’ experience working to develop advanced technical solutions for asset management. In fact, you could say that Assetino is the ‘best asset management solution you have never heard of’,” commented Milan Novotný, CEO of Czech based T-MAPY. “It is therefore hugely rewarding to receive this recognition and we hope that this award will be the impetus to launch Assetino across Europe.”

The Assetino product suite contains more than a dozen easy to use, configure and integrate modules. These include solutions for Public Lighting, Roadways and Communications, Street and Park Equipment, Monument and Advertising, for example. Already used widely across Central and Eastern Europe, real world applications of Assetino include the City of Prague’s online waste management map, the City of Hranice’s web based reporting tool ‘Improve your city’ and the City of Jihlava’s Cemetery Online research tool. These solutions are widely used by members of the public and have been highly praised by the commissioning organizations.