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ASPRS readies for 70th anniversary Annual Conference

ASPRS gets ready to celebrate its 70th anniversary at the 2004 Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, May 23-28. This year’s conference, “Mountains of Data – Peak Decisions,” is to open with a keynote address by Dr. Ahmed K. Noor, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Old Dominion University.

Workshops will be offered on such subjects as “Close Range Techniques for the Conservation and Rehabilitation of the Cultural Heritage;” “The National Map Hazards Data Distribution System;” “Performance, Accuracy, and Economics of Imaging Sensors, Lidar and IFSAR for Surface DEM Generation;” plus two workshops on Preparation for ASPRS Certifications. User group meetings are also being planned by PCI Geomatics, DigitalGlobe, ESRI, Z/I Imaging Corporation and INPHO.

With over 400 technical papers covering many diverse topics including “Urban Applications of the Geospatial Sciences – Remote Sensing and Urban Sprawl,” “Agricultural Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS – Techniques Used in Countries Throughout the World,” “NIMA Academic Research,” “Lidar Sensors and Applications in Forestry,” and “Career Development – Current Trends and Activity in the Geospatial Technology Arena,” this is a conference providing educational opportunities to all in the industry. An Exhibit Hall of more than 100 booths will showcase the latest in products and services of suppliers worldwide.

A Classified Symposium consistent with the overall conference theme will take place on Friday, May 28 at Northrop Grumman, Aurora, Colorado and will provide an innovative perspective on integration and analysis of satellite imagery and geospatial data. Technical Tours to Spectrum Mapping, BP Center for Visualization, Digital Globe and Jeppesen are planned throughout the week.

The ASPRS tradition of honoring members who have contributed greatly to the field and to the Society continues this year with Memorial Addresses for Tamsin Barnes and Amrom Katz. ASPRS Executive Director James Plasker and ASPRS Fellow Ronald J. Ondrejka, respectively, will give these presentations.

Several social events will round out the conference for 2004, including a 70th anniversary party in the Exhibit Hall, an Exhibitors’ Reception, and an evening at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Founded in 1934, ASPRS is an international professional organization of 7,000 geospatial data professionals.