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ASPRS gets anonymous donation for tech award

US: American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) and the ASPRS Foundation received an individual donation with a value of USD 90,000 to endow a new Outstanding Technical Achievement Award.

The Award will be administered through ASPRS and funded by the ASPRS Foundation. In accordance with the wishes of the donor, who is a longtime ASPRS member, this donation was made anonymously. ASPRS has agreed to match USD 35,000 of the donation in accordance with its current matching policy, for a total of approximately USD 125,000. The result of the match ensures that the award will be fully endowed at the USD 5000 per annual award level.

ASPRS Foundation President Roger Crystal praised the donor and said, “This is a significant milestone for the ASPRS Foundation, and I hope it inspires others to consider similar contributions to the profession and to the community from which we all derive so much satisfaction.”

The Award will be known as the ASPRS Outstanding Technical Achievement Award during the lifetime of the donor. The purpose of the Award is to recognise and encourage developers of specific breakthrough technologies that stimulate major advances in the practice of photogrammetry, remote sensing, or GIS in the United States. The achievement must be recent, but need not occur within the year prior to the award, as it is recognised that the significance of critical contributions may not immediately become evident.

The Selection Committee for this award, consisting of the ASPRS President and the ASPRS Technical Division Directors, will evaluate each achievement for its economic and scientific impact to the profession. Practicability is the essence of the Award. With this as a criterion the merits of candidates will be considered by the Committee with respect to the following points, giving greatest weight to the first:
– An outstanding invention or design involving any type of equipment that applies to photogrammetry, remote sensing, or geographic information management.
– Any outstanding method developed for the use of photogrammetry, remote sensing, or geographic information.

Source: ASPRS