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ASPRS elects Stephen D. DeGloria as VP

US: The results of the 2011 election have been tallied by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Tellers Committee. They reported that Stephen D. DeGloria won the election to become ASPRS Vice President for 2011. DeGloria is Professor of Resource Inventory and Analysis and Director, Institute for Resource Information Sciences, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, at Cornell University.

After DeGloria’s appointment during ASPRS Annual Conference in May, as per the new structure of the Society, Gary Florence (current VP) will be President; Roberta (Bobbi) Lenczowski will be President-Elect, and Carolyn Merry will be Past President. In addition, David Alvarez has been elected Assistant Division Director of the ASPRS Geographic Information Systems Division (GISD). Allen Cook has been elected Assistant Division Director of the ASPRS Primary Data Acquisition Division (PAD).

DeGloria teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in GIS, environmental information science, GPS, and spatial modelling and analysis. His research focuses on improving the resource inventory process through the application of aerospace imagery, mapping land cover conditions and trends. He uses digital imagery and geospatial databases in his research practices and integrates them with resource inventory data for use in spatially-explicit predictive models of agro-environmental processes in temperate and tropical landscapes.

Prior to his appointment at Cornell in 1986, DeGloria was a research associate with the Remote Sensing Research Program (RSRP) at the University of California, Berkeley, from 1971-1984, serving as Program Director from 1977-1984. He joined ASPRS in 1979. He became actively involved in the Society as a member of the Central New York Region, serving as Secretary-Treasurer (1987-1988), President (1998-1999), and National Director (1999-2002). He also served on the Membership Working Group (2004), and Chair, ASPRS Education and Professional Development Committee (2005-2007).

During his time in office, DeGloria said, “I will focus on strengthening our educational and professional development programs, promoting professional certification, and encouraging active engagement by students in the geospatial sciences.”

Source: ASPRS