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ASPRS certification programme gets CESB accreditation

US: The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) professional and technologist certification programmes have each received accreditation from the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). CESB voted to approve accreditation for the professional Certified Photogrammetrist (CP), Certified Mapping Scientist/Remote Sensing (CMS/RS) and Certified Mapping Scientist/GIS-LIS (CMS/GISLIS) programmes, along with three related technologist certification categories – Photogrammetric Technologist, Remote Sensing Technologist and GIS/LIS Technologist.

“Accreditation of the ASPRS Certification Programmes is a major accomplishment and significantly elevates their authority,” said Michael Renslow, chair of the ASPRS Evaluation for Certification Committee. “Those individuals holding ASPRS Professional and Technologist Certification have personally passed a rigorous review, and now the Programmes have also passed a demanding review which places them on par with other important nationally accredited certifications in engineering and related scientific fields. The ASPRS programmes are currently the only accredited geospatial certifications in the United States.”

During the review process leading to accreditation, CESB required ASPRS to make a few minor changes to the Programmes, including: shifting the continuing education requirement from the previous proprietary points-based system to Professional Development Hours (PDH); increasing the PDH requirement from 75 hours to 100 hours for the professionals and 50 hours to 60 hours for the technologists; re-designating the “provisional” certifications, designed to assist students during their transition to professional status, in order to avoid using the term “certified;” and isolating any training related to the Programme. However, the strong foundations of the existing certifications have been retained and enhanced.

“The overall strength of the ASPRS Certification Programme was previously well understood and respected in the geospatial community, and these changes only serve to further improve the Programme”, said ASPRS Executive Director James Plasker. “Accreditation also brings increased credibility to those individuals holding the various levels of ASPRS certification, with the result that the value and importance of their credentials is further enhanced” he added.

Source: ASPRS